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A nice looking blonde is on holiday with her boyfriend and she is nuts about sex in public. After a small snack she is ready to be fucked in public. They walk back to the car where the little slut pulls her panties aside and masturbates with the car doors wide open. Then they move to a busy suburb where she sucks his dick in the middle of a field. She throws her golden pumps into the air and takes his hard dick into her wet slit. She doesn't mind that everyone can see her. When her pussy is filled with sperm they walk back to the car.

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This little slut is on holiday with her boyfriend for the first time. When they get out of the car she is wet already. So she starts to suck his dick in the middle of the town center. She is so excited she needs to pee and without any shame she lets it pour on the street. On the way to the shopping mall she wants to get fucked. They walk into the park and he lifts her dress. He stick his dick into her pussy and fucks her in the open air. Soon his dick explodes an his sperm lands on her cheeks!

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